Do You Need to File an Insurance Claim?

If Your Answer is Yes

If you live in the Triangle area and believe you have damage to your roof, whether it's a leak, wind damage, hail damage, or other damage, it’s important to call your insurance company right away to let them know. Take pictures if you can and tell your insurance agent you’ve contacted Apex Roofing & Restoration to come out to do an inspection and evaluation of damages. We do a FREE inspection.  Depending on the severity of damages, your roof might need emergency measures to keep further damage from happening. Don’t delay. This is important. If it’s an emergency, we are always available 24/7. Your insurance company will want to know you are working to limit the damages.

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Filing a Claim

If you have no idea where to start and it seems overwhelming, we are here for you. Call us and our professional team can help you with what steps to take. Apex Roofing & Restoration is familiar with the insurance claims process. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in the Triangle area with their insurance claims.

How We Can Help

We intend to help you get through the documentation process from beginning to end because this can be daunting for some homeowners. After a thorough inspection from our team, we’ll document the damages and give you an estimate of repairs. We work with insurance companies to make sure our clients are taken care of. This includes meeting the insurance adjuster out at your home to ensure no damages are missed in their report. Apex Roofing & Restoration provides affordable roofing services and our goal is to provide these services covered under your policy. Once your claim is approved we can get started. Apex Roofing & Restoration specializes in restoration so you’ve got the right crew for the job!

Damages Often Covered by Insurance

The good news is your homeowner’s policy most likely includes coverage for damages caused by severe storms. Some damages may be small and are still covered. Common roof damages include: 

  • Fire Damage

  • Hail Damage

  • Wind damage

  • Damage from fallen trees or branches

  • Leaking roofs

  • Blown away shingles

  • Vandalism

Damages Not Covered by Insurance

If your roof is past its expected lifespan your insurance company may not cover all damages because they’ll likely suggest the damages are related to age.  Please check with your homeowner’s policy. Keep in mind everyone’s insurance policies are different and it’s important to know what yours covers.

Contact us Today

Apex Roofing & Restoration specializes in roof restoration and we’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you. We’ve seen most homeowner’s policies cover needed restoration. If you have questions or need immediate service please contact Apex Roofing & Restoration. We’ll help you file a claim and get started. Call us today at 919-569-5000 or complete our online form.

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