Emergency Repairs for a Leaking Roof, Etc.

Call us 24/7 For Immediate Assistance at 919-569-5000

If you find water dripping from the ceiling or a large hole in your roof call us asap!  Apex Roofing & Restoration is here for you 24/7 when an emergency happens.

damaged ceiling from leaky roof

Emergency Roof Tarping

We will climb on your roof and put an emergency tarp over the area to stop the incoming water and assess the damages once it’s stopped raining. This works as an immediate solution to stop water from coming in while permanent repairs are made at a later date. There are other scenarios we consider an emergency but dripping water from your ceiling tops the list.

What is Considered an Emergency?

  • ALL Roof Leaks

  • New spots on the ceiling

  • Visible moisture in the attic

  • Missing or blown away shingles

  • Damaged, curling, or cracking shingles

  • Gutters full of asphalt granules

  • Fallen trees or large branches

Although some of the above may not seem like emergencies now, they can very quickly turn to one. Roof leaks can be caused by a number of things. If your roof is behind on maintenance your roof could be vulnerable. For example, the flashing around a chimney could be rusted or deteriorated. The vent boots on your roof could need resealing. Missing shingles from previous storms left unrepaired or damaged shingles not replaced can all invite leaks. Heavy rain should not make its way into your home. That is precisely what your roof is for, to keep out the rain and protect your home from the elements. If a tree or large branch has fallen on your home, call us for an emergency inspection. When you have an emergency, Apex Roofing & Restoration should be your first call. 919-569-5000

Your Insurance Company

While not all repairs are covered by your homeowner’s policy, if you have an active leak your insurance company will require that you make your best effort to stop any further damage. That’s another reason it’s important to call us first thing if you have an emergency. Your second phone call should be to your insurance company. Insurance companies like a quick response time and will require documentation from a professional.  To have your damage covered by insurance let’s make sure you take the appropriate steps and are equipped with what you need. We’ve helped many clients with this process and can help you too.

Don’t Wait to Call

Don’t wait to call us at 919-569-5000.  Apex Roofing & Restoration is located in Apex, NC, and serves the entire Triangle area. You never know when a roofing emergency will hit so it’s good to know you have a reputable company near you to help.

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