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We Understand and We Can Help

After a storm passes through, you and your neighbors head outside to look for damages and you see the aftermath. This is an emotional time and can be very stressful. We understand. Apex Roofing & Restoration helps families deal with what’s next. We are experts in handling these situations.

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Storm Damage Roofing Repair

If a severe storm has damaged your home, call Apex Roofing & Restoration right away. It’s important to address the damages quickly and ensure your home is safe for your family to remain at home. We will come out and offer a FREE inspection and help you get started on filing an insurance claim. Our team of professional roofers will repair your roof and restore your home. We will be here every step of the way including documentation, meeting the insurance adjuster, making repairs, to final walkthrough. Our goal is to provide services to alleviate some of the stress for you. We believe in helping our neighbors.

Signs of Storm Damage

Large damage to your roof may be hard to miss, however, you can have damage that’s not easily seen. It’s important to look for these signs and reach out to us if you suspect any storm damage no matter how big or small. Most damages are covered by your insurance.

  • Any visible roof damage

  • Holes in your roof

  • Large branches or fallen trees on your roof

  • Gutters full of asphalt granules

  • Active Leaks

  • Interior spots on the ceiling

  • Lifted shingles

  • Missing or broken shingles

  • Debris around your home

  • Dents in your gutters

If a large hail storm has just passed through, hail damage can be hard to spot and should be inspected by a professional. We’ve seen homes where gutters are full of asphalt granules where a hail storm knocked off these granules leaving the shingles compromised. You can have leaks that are not always seen immediately.  Our inspection will catch this before it gets worse. Roof leaks should be taken care of immediately before the water makes its way to your interior causing costly damage. If you notice lifted or missing shingles your roof is now vulnerable to leaks and needs to be repaired asap.  If you notice debris around your home or dents in your gutters, these are all signs of possible storm damage and need an inspection. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to storm damage and restoration. That’s what we do! Call us out for a FREE inspection of your home.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Our team at Apex Roofing & Restoration will guide you through the insurance claim process and provide you the documentation you need. We’ve helped hundreds of customers.

Schedule a FREE Inspection

We’ll be right out after the storm clears. If you have an emergency we are available 24/7. Apex Roofing & Restoration located in Apex, NC has handled hundreds of roofing restoration projects for customers throughout the Triangle area.  Let us help you too! Call us today at 919-569-5000 or fill out our online form. If it’s an emergency don’t hesitate to call!

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